Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week 14 20-07-2014 Birds Spotted 1 + Poole Park and Longham Lakes

So we got one new bird this week. However, it's not part of the RSPB book I'm using as a guide, so it won't count towards my list of 272 :( It's an interesting addition regardless and just proves that birds can show up when you least expect them.

Bar-Headed Goose
So this is my one new bird for the week. It's possibly wild as there are no indications that it is an escapee. Regardless, it's a long way from home as it's typically found in central Asia. It flies at higher altitudes than other geese and looks very much like a cross between a Greylag and a Canada goose. In fact that's what I thought it was to begin with. Someone on the RSPB forum soon pointed out my mistake though. Thanks Aiki. This one was quite content to be with all the other Greylags, meaning there was plenty of company for it.

So for those keeping track I'm still on 82 birds with 190 left to spot! I'll finish off with some highlights of my walk around Poole Park and Longham Lakes.

Saw lots of Black-Headed Gulls. This was my favourite.

A younger bird with different plumage.

Flyby. Getting happier with my bird in flight shots now.

Having a stretch!

A more different plumage. Gulls are a nightmare to tell apart.

Canada Geese were everywhere.

A Common Tern fishing at Longham Lakes.

Here he is again.

Mallard chicks were still plentiful at Pool Park.

This must be the second brood at least.

A watchful mother.
A male losing his colourful summer plumage.

Having a preen!

A rather gorgeous Mute Swan.
This one was at Longham.

More preening.

Another Longham Swan.

Coot were out in force at Longham.

Feeding their young.
Hanging out in groups.
Attacking Moorhens that got too close!

Speaking of Moorhens, this one was at Poole Park.
A pair of Great Crested Grebes.
Shame I missed the courtship displays. Maybe next year!

There were lots of young Pied Wagtails about.
Looking for insects.
A Greylag Goose splashes down.
Out with the family.
Having a rest.
Shame I couldn't fit this in frame.

Reed Buntings are normally well hidden, so I'm happy with this shot.

Tufted Ducks - mother and children.
A lazy male.
Out in force.
See if you can spot the Cormorant!

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