Sunday, 30 November 2014

Week 33 30-11-2014 Birds Spotted: 2

It'''s been another two busy weeks, meaning I've had little chance to get outside. I was able to spare a couple of hours at Blashford Lakes last Sunday, which netted me two new birds. All in all though, it's been pretty lousy seeing clear blue skys (for the most part) and not being able to get out and enjoy them. Still, even though it was pouring with rain for the most part at Blashford, I was able to enjoy myself there.

I saw one of these gorgeous birds back in the Summer, but it was so quick I was unable to get a photo. I took this one at the woodland hide at Blashford Lakes, and while he didn't stay long, I did manage a couple of shots. Bullfinches are one of our bigger finches, with thick, heavy set bills that make them perfect for cracking open heavier seeds. The male has a stunning pinkish red chest and a bold black cap, making him unmistakable in the field. Despite the fact that there are over 220,000 breeding pairs, it's taking me a good six months to see one. The wait was certainly worth it though.
Here he is. Check out that lovely pink colouring.

Ruddy Duck
My other spot for the week is a record shot. I missed the Ruddy Duck last time I was at Blashford, but accidentally took a shot of it. This time I was luckier as there were three out and about, but they were all very far off, so record shots only I'm afraid. The Ruddy Duck is actually a north american bird and was introduced here around 60 years ago. Unfortunately, it's now been targeted for extermination as there are concerns that crossbreeding with the Spanish White Headed Duck will lead to the birds extinction. As the Ruddy Duck isn't a native UK species, the government is quite happy to have it terminated and has spent over £5 million. It's a pity this is happy as it's a beautiful little duck that you'll never forget once you see it.
He's sitting low in the water, but here's my Ruddy Duck record shot.

So that's it for another couple of weeks. I'm now up to 125 photographed birds, with another 147 left to find. I'll leave you wish some more high iso shots of Blashford Lakes.

Blue Tit at the woodland hide.

A hungry Chaffinch.

Coal Tit, one day I'll see a Willow Tit!

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Greenfinch on feeder.


A Dunnock in the underbrush.

Robin says hello.

Goosanders were out, but still very distant :(

While I saw the Franklin's Gull through a scope, I couldn't see it here!