Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Update: More Birds Discovered


To help with my birding, I've recently purchased the rather useful RSPB Handbook Of British Birds. It's now on its third edition and is filled with fascinating information and beautiful illustrations.

What's interesting to me though is that it adds additional birds to the original list which can be found on the RSPB's own website. It essentially swells the list of 261 species to an even more impressive 272.

In addition it adds a further 24 rarer species to the list that range from the Snow Goose to the Red Foot Falcon. I won't be including these at the moment, as I'm going to struggle with the ones I have already. I'll obviously be including them if they fly past my lens though.

I'll update my last post to take this into account.

In the meantime head to somewhere like Amazon and pick it up as it really is essential reading for the £9.99 price tag and the perfect entry for new and established birders.